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In the hope of "Putting a face to the name" so to speak.  I present this collection of Wakefield pictures.  All of the subjects are recreations of  a bygone time.

 The pictures were found on the internet and to a very large extend in the SAM1066 "New Clarion"  digital newsletter.  I have also been blessed that some modelers of Wakefields have supplied many pictures for this album.

 The information included with the photos is that which came with the pictures.  Unfortunately do not have the full information on the models per say.

I am always delighted to receive new pictures for the album.
Please look around and any information you might have or questions, please E-mail me at          wakefieldnut@gmail.com

The model is Erik Knudsen’s 1952 Wakefield design EK-9, which was used by Erik in the 1952 World Championship in Sweden to obtain the first honorable place on anWC scoreboard by a Danish participant, 32nd place. In the following years Erik developed his models and his best performance was a joint 3rd place with JO’D in the 1956 WC again in Sweden.

Appears to be the original Model from 1965.
Complete with Battle Damage and Hanger Rash

row 2

1975 Flying Teapot designed by Jean Claude Neglais


This version built by Louis Joyner from a three veiw
Louis Joyner presented a excellent article of his method of building from a three view Can be found in the October 2022 AMA Model Aviation.

1955 Joe Bilgri Wakefield built by Bud Romak and present to Daryl Perkins.

Bud presented the model in white Esaki. A blank canvas for Daryl to decorate. 

The Bob White Vol Libre 8 Built by Daryl Perkins

Double rolled balsa fuselage per plan. Simpltorque frontend /  2 piece wing only Mod.

The 50 gram "Mirage Wakefield"  designed by Roger Simpson

Built by Bob De Shields for the Vintage FAI Wakefield event

Such Beautiful workmanship on the fuselage

1959 Woomera Wakefield.  Designed by Bond Baker

This version built by Nigel Tarvin. With a molded Balsa fuselage

I have been told that Woomera stands for "Throwing Stick"

1960 Sky Farer  Designed by Roger Gregory

Great Craftsmanship by Bruce Hannah

1955 IL Fuggitivo  Designed by Guido Fea  of Italy

Built by Leif Ericsson from scaling up drawing in Zaic 1955-56

The carpet just doesn't do it justice

1982 Balsar Wakefield, Designed by Leif Ericsson.

Leif Ericsson build 2 copies during the 2020 lock-down

Jedelsky EJ-85 airfoil. Model is just past the Vintage Wakefield Era.

1962 South American Champion  Faio14-W

Faio 14-W.  Designed by Erkki Bohm, built by Matheus Andersonn

Faio 14 -W bare bones

The Faio 14-W joined by a Flamingo III

Flamingo III,  I believe to be about the same era as the Faio 14-W

Flamingo III built by Matheus Andererson

The XL-56 Wakefield designed by Radoslav Cizek

This version created by Daryl Perkins.  From the 80 gram era.

XL-58 built by Bud Romak
row 2

The 1936 British Cup Winner designed by Robert Copland

This very colorful example built by Daryl Perkins

1962 Langley Wakefield.  Designed by Frank Parmenter

Eustace-1952 Gutteridge Trophy Winner.  Built by Howard Gostelow

Keil Kraft Gyspy Wakefield

Built by Howard Gostelow

Rubar II.  Designed by Ray Matthews, built by Bruce Hanna.

1951 Kestrel WakefieldDesigned by Ian Dowsett.

Built by Howard Gostelow

Recently finished and partly trim, Howard claims  it looks great in flight.

1955 Wakefield designed by Joe Bilgrii

Model built by Mark Vancil

The Vintage FAI contest now includes Wakefield.So we should be seeing more Wakes from after 1956

1956 Le Fever Wakefield    Built by Bruce Hanna.
Scaled down to 85% to fly in the NFFS Small Nostalgia event

Du-All Wakefield   Designed by Gerald Zeigenfuse

Du-All Bones   Built by Robert Dunham

Gordon Light's 1935 Wakefield Cup winner.

This version built by Bob DeShields

This example was built by Stuart Coyne

Mark Braulich with his version of the 1936 Wakefield winner

Albert "Bert" Judge with his own replica of his winning design at Warwick Racetrack in 1987

1936 Bert Judge's Wakefield Cup Winner

1945 Bert Judge's Wakefield

1949 Loates Wakefield

1952 Team Wakefield  designed by Ed Lidgard

Torontonian  Built and launched by Bob White

The 1956 Wakefield of E. Haimalainen Built by Frank Parmenter

Torontonian Wakefield                                              
Andy Page built the one above and to the right In 2019

Torontonian Wakefield built by Charles Russel

This Torontonian Designed by Sorjo Ranta of (guess where) Toronto.

Off for the test flight.

1940 Cleveland Gull Wakefield  Designed by Joe Elgin

This version built by Thad Hawkins.

1939 Kansas Wakefield.  Built by Al Seither

1939 Kansas Wakefield.  Built by John Pate

The Kansas Wakefield was designed by Ernie Lynn

George Perryman launching what he referred to as "The Mighty Ying"

The Ying designed 4oz Wakefield.  Built by Al Pardue.

1939 Cloudcraft Commander.  An 8oz Wakefield designed for a kit

1939 Wakefield Cup Winner.  Designed by Dick Korda.
 Built by Karl Gies

Peter Michel, Tim Westcott, and Peter Jackson with their 39 Korda's

     Alex Houlberg's 70 year old Korda

Launch of "Horry" Wakefield

Spencer Willis holding his Horry wakefield

Horry's Wakefield.  Designed by Kieth Horry.  Built by Mike Turner

Jaguar Wakefield.  designed by Ted Evans

Spencer Willis launching his Jaguar

Voodoo Wakefield

Photo of a 1939 sreamliner showing off the bones

Built by Martin Hurda of the Czech Republic


1939 Bullock Streamliner.  Built by Tim Westcott

Showing the Former construction. A very difficult style of fuselage to build.

The Bullock Streamliner finished.  Tim Westcott collection

1936 Streamliner.  Designed by Robert Copland

This version built by Al Pardue

1939 Flying Minutes.  Designed by N. Lees and L Stott

This version built by Richard Thompson

1934 Frank Zaic design built by Reg Parham

Brian Stout with his Flying Minutes

Brian launching his Flying Minutes

California Champ

SV40 TER.  An Italian Wakefield designed by Vencenzo Scardicchio

This design found in a Zaic yearbook and built by Spencer Willis

Allan King with his 1954 Wakefield Cup Winner

Mayfly II  a 4oz Wakefield designed by Rushbrooke

Mayfly II in flight

I guess the plane says it all.  Built by Tony Piazza

Itzme III

Itzme IV  designed by R.F.L.Gosling

Itzme IV

Crusader  Designed by Peter Capon

Mark Croome's version of Ellila's Wakefiield

Aarne Ellila Wakefield in flight

1949 Wakefield Cup Winner  Designed by Aarne Ellile

Le Vibrant, designed by Rene Jossien

1952 La Sorra designed by Lee Renaud. 
Built by Jean-Pierre Di Riezo

1936 Copland built by Ted Hopgood

Paul Briggs holding a "Clodhopper Wakefield"

1936 Northern Arrow built by Ron Brownson

Wakefield designed by Gordon Light

Itzme built by John Wingate

"ISIS" being launched by designer Alex Houlberg

ISIS Wakefield designed by Alex Houlberg

"ISIS" pair,  Full size and a Half-a-Wake.

Peter Michel with his "ISIS"

Walter Getsla (left) designed the Wakefield held by Alwyn Greenaugh

Mike Harrington and Alwyn Greenaugh compare Their Getsla's

Mike Kemp launching a Bloomgren Wakefield

1951 TOTO Designed by Rene Jossien

TOTO built and being launched by Jean Pierre Di Rienzo

1951 TOTO climbing out

1937 Duplex Designed by Chester Lanzo

1937 Duplex   Built by Lucien- Maurice Adjads

Karl Gies Launches his Duplex for 3-5minute Maxes and the win.

1939 "WAKE" designed and built by Claude Weber

Le Vibrant. Designed by Rene Jossien.  Built by Maurice Charles

Super Snooper.  Built by Gerald Martin

Flying Cloud   Designed by Henry Struck

Flying Cloud    Built by Vince Vurton

1949 Keil Kraft "Gipsy" designed by Bill Dean Built by Karl Gies

1937 Illawarra cup winner designed by J.Barrnett Sydney. 
Built by Grant Carson

Armes Wakefield  Built by Eut Tileston
For the electric "Spirit of SAM" event

Clodhopper II Built by Jim O'Riely

1951 Simplet.  Designed by Rene Jossien.
  Built by Jean- Pierre Di Rienzo

1959 Surpriz.  Designed by Rene Jossien, Built by Pierre Dupin

1952 Yuwak.  Designed by Bernard Pointel
Built by Lucien-Maurice Adjadj

PAB Wakefield.  Built and launched by Lucien-Maurice Adjadj

1953 Wakefield designed by Roger Garrigou

1953 Wakefield Built by designer Roger Garrigou

Wake Kiener.  1951 yearbook.  Built by Jean-Pierre Di Rienzo

1951 New Look.  Designed by Jacques Morisset, built by Claude Deur

1951 New Look Wakefield. Built by Claude Weber.

1951 New Look Wakefield. Built by Claude Deur

Lanzo Classic.  Built by Doug Petty

1939 Commander. designed for Cloudcraft Models.
Built by Jerry Litschi

1950 Wakefield held by designer Jimmy Tangney

Peter Jackson has worked with the designer launching above
to create a set of plans for this Wakefield

1950 Tangney Wakefield built by Peter Jackson

1950 Wakefield designed by Jimmy Tangney

Tangney Wakefield built by Peter Jackson

"Grasshopper" 1934 Wakefield cup winner. Designed by J.B. Allman.

1950 "Hurry up 210"  designed by Frank Zaic

"Hurry up 210"     Built by Andre Meritte 

The Frank Zaic "Hurry up 210" in flight

G 55, Designed by Radoslav Cizek

1955 Radoslav Cizek designed "G 55"

Cizek's "G 55" built by Andre Meritte

1948 "Aristocrat" designed by Edwin Stoffel

The Aristocrat, Built by Andre Meritte

1948 Aristocrat

1929 Wakefield  Designed by R.N. Bullock

1952 Leeds Club Wakefield-Tyke. Designed by
M.Tubbs G.Cameron V.Duberry K.Rutter

1956 Thunderbuggy  Designer F.L. Swaney  Built by Al Lidberg

Front center, "Stark 51" Swedish Wakefield .Right rear, "Harvard".
 Left rear," Woodoo".

"Blongagen" A Swedish Wakefield built Doris Broutin

"Lustrati" An Italian Wakefield  built by Doris Broutin

Woodoo Wakefield also built by Doris Broutin

This Wakefield goes by the name "Zombie"

Jeannine Broutin holding a "Toto"

1941 Wakefield Gull Designed by Joe Elgin

1941 Wakefield Gull Built by Paul Squires

The Wakefield Gull was Kitted by Cleveland Models

1958 Maxmaker designed by George Reich
 Who won the 1961 Wakefield Cup with it

The Maxmaker along with its builder Paul Squire

1951 Belgium Wakefield designed by Deschepper. Built by Pierre Pailne.

1936 Moffett Winner

Many models of the early years could crossover to other events,
the 1936 Moffett Winner designed by Vernon Gray(pictured on left)
also qualified for 4oz Wakefield.
The Class D outdoor fuselage model
 designed by William Ying is an other example.

1936 Moffiett Winner  Built by Paul Squires annd held by Ash Squires

The model was proxy flown by Bert Ponds at the 1936
International Moffett event.

The 1936 2nd Place Moffett Winner, Designed by Bob Jeffery.
  Also qualifies for 4oz Wakefield.

1936 2nd place Moffett Winner  Built by Jerry Litschi.

1952 Malaye a French Wakefield designed by Alcide Petiot Builder Pierre Pailne

1939 Wakefield Elimination Winner.  Designed by Gene Challie

1939 Wakefield Elimination Winner. Builder Hal Wrightman

Hal Cover with his version of Challie's Wakefield

1955 Wakefield WC Winner.  Named "Hornisse" (Hornet)
Designed by Gustav Samann.

Dick Strang with his version of the 1955 Hornet

1951Copacetic 1 Wakefield Designed by Doug Moran
This version built by Al Pardue from a Don DeLoach kit

1934 C.E.Bowden designed Moffett entry.
Qualifies also for 4oz wakefield

Framework of the Bowden Moffett. Artwork in and of itself.
Built by Leigh Richardson

1931 Wakefield Cup Winner  Designed by Joseph Ehrhardt

The 1931 Cup Winner in flight

The Ehrhardt Wake coming in for the landing (I just love this shot)

The builder, Leigh Richardson, with his version of the 1931 Wakefield Cup Winner

  1938 Wakefield entry named the "A-10".  Designed by Herr Paul Armes.

The Armes Wakefield in flight

Built by Leigh Richardson.  This photo gives you an idea of the size.

Hereward Wakefield  These photos taken in 1951

The Hereward was designed by Norman Marcus

The Wakefield of Bob Hanford, USA team member for the
1949 World Championship

Bob Hanford holding his version of  his father's 1949 WC design.
Called the "NRG" ( above and to the right)

Denny Dock with the "NRG" he built

Tilka Wakefield designed by Bror Eimmar
Believed to be a early 1980's design. (Above and to the right)
This version built by Heinz Stoffels in 1985

Tilka in flight

Red Swan. Desiged by Henry Tubbs (Above and to the right)
Published January 1952 in Model Aircraft

Taifun  Designed by Gustav Samann

Flown in the 1951 German Championship

This version built by Heinz Stoffels

In English Taifun means Typhoon.

1939 Ted Evans designed "Victrace" This one built by Nigel Tarvin.

A beautiful Wakefield model

And a great looking shop

Bob Bienenstein's 1950 Wakefield

A rear quarter view.  Nice little write-up in the Free Flight Digest