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In 1972 the Trenton model club joined with the Ewing model group and formed the CFFG.  At that time the club was focused on Nostalgia and AMA Free Flight. Over the years the club faced the usual loss of members caused by aging and health. With the loss of interest in the larger model it was difficult to find new members. They had a huge field at Coyle however the surface and thick weeds were not kind to FAC Scale models.  The big change was obtaining permission to fly at a Turf Farm.  With the availability of well-maintained grass fields the club is able to fly FAC Scale models almost without worry.  Since the move to the Turf Farm we have seen a major growth in flying and FAC Scale members.  The club now consist of 8 FAC flyers, 2 Nostalgia/AMA modelers, and 1 member who fly’s a mixture of his own design diesel models and scale. 


For 2023 we have 3 contests planned.
 2 FAC with a little AMA hook and 1 AMA Nostalgia contest.
All are AMA sanctioned contests and offer National Cup events

South Jersey Flying Circus 
    April 15-16 2023
    Hammonton NJ

Flying Circus Flyer.pdf

1/2A Shoot-out
 P-30 Brawl  
May 13-14,2023
Hammonton, NJ.

Shoot-out & P-30 Brawl.pdf
        Don Myers Memorial
  August 5-6, 2023
  Hammonoton, NJ

Don Myers Memorial.pdf

360 view of our field

Club Officers


President-Treasurer: James Smith   E-mail:   Ffjim99912@gmail.com

Vice President-Secretary:     Jerry Litschi  E-mail:  wakefieldnut@gmail.com

The Field

Our field is a series of grass fields which gives us the a wide choice to set-up to suit the wind direction. The fields are flat and well maintained cut grass.  The complex is very large, that can make it difficult to locate the others.  3 things are required to use the field.  Club membership Card, AMA membership card, and a Permission card from the Farm.  These items must be on your person on the field in case the farm management does a ID check   Address: Tuckahoe Turf Farm  401 Myrtle Ave, Hammonton, NJ 08037


The annual fee is $60.00.  That covers the $40.00 to obtain the Permission card from the Turf farm, and the $20.00 for the AMA Charter and Field Insurance. The dues are expected to be paid in January. Make the check out to James Smith. The Secretary will handle obtaining the permission cards.

Tuckahoe Turf Farm Rules

1. Do not drive on the sod. Cars, Golf carts, or Chase Bikes  2. Park on the road parallel to the field.  3. Stay off the seedling fields.  4. You may lower the strings when flying, just be sure to put them back up.  5. Keep your distance from the RC flyers and any soccer games in progress.  6. No Rocketry or Jetex/Rapier models allowed.  7. Control line permitted with safety precautions.


Alan Mkitarian

Jim Smith

Stefan Prosky

Bruce Foster

FS Gilbert

Jerry Litschi

Steven Wrigley

Ken Bagdon

Walley Ferrell

Jim Coffin

Dan Domina
                                                        Ron Felix

Dave Krammes

Glen Simpers

Jim Hemmel

Tony Perrotta

Dave Mitchell




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