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  The National Warplane Museum Free Flight Series ends with the Great Grape Gathering'.  The next meet is slated for September 6-8, 2019

The Great Grape Gathering is the second of the sanctioned events in the series. if you have never flown at the National Warplane Museum's airfield, you would be totally delighted with the great open space and lush green grass.  If you can spend a day or two extra it is well worth the time to travel along one of the Finger Lakes and visit some of the wineries and antique shops. I hope you will come out and enjoy the best three days of flying and socializing I've ever seen.

Full information on the series is on the NWM FF Series page.


Great Grape Gathering 2019
                       New award at the Great Grape Gathering!

   Starting with 2017 there is now an award to honor the Wife's and Lady Friends who venture to Geneseo every year to help and support their mates.

   Each year one of the wonderful ladies will be chosen to be that years
                                         "Great Grape Angel"

   Since 2017 was the first year we awarded two very special women!

On the left is Sally Smith------Sally mans the headquarters tent almost single-handed.  A big job! I'm glad I only have to help out now and then

On the right is Heather Mollendorf------ Heather hosts our Saturday dinner on the Field.  And a fantastic meal it truly is.

In case you're wondering' the Old Guy in the middle  Jerry Litschi

As I present the 2018 Great Grape Angel I explained that when I found this years angel I remarked to myself that  she was very unique.  No longer said then a face flew in to my mind.  A wife as unique as her Angel.
Teena Nippert   our 2018 Angel.  A extremely deserving woman       


Now I would like to make a pitch for an activity that Jim Smith and Don Myers will be organizing, to run at the GGG.  This will not be an official event, so will not qualify for a plaque or wine.  The intrepid pair of anglophiles are planning to host a fun fly for Ebenezers.  What's an Ebenezer?, you might well ask.  For those who are unfamiliar with the craft I have attached a pdf file describing it.

How did Ebenezers get their name ?

The first Ebenezer was designed in the 1950’s by a young American from San Antonio, Texas by the name of Bert Striegler who wanted a model that would have a very characterful look, be easy to build and set up and to be able to handle the power of the then new Cox 020 en- gines. Still full of euphoria after the first successful flight, Bert had yet to name his new creation.
Whilst in church one day he heard a Hymn being sung which had the words about raising your Ebenezers to the sky and have them safely return home.





The biggest change this year concerns the E-36 event.

Jim Coffin has pointed out that the AMA has changed the rules for E-36 for 2017.  The motor run times are now 10 seconds for the first three (qualifying) flights, 10 seconds for the first fly-off and then 5 seconds for all subsequent fly-offs; previously it was 15 seconds for the qualifiers, then a 10 second fly-off, then 5 seconds for subsequent fly-offs.  We will be changing the GGG rules to match these new AMA rules.

If you happen upon this site and have wondered about model flying. Please come for a visit. One of the purposes behind adding the E20 event is an attempt at getting some new free-flighters out to the flight line.  So if you would like to try your hand at Free Flight,stop at the Headquarters tent and we will "Get you hooked" up to do some flying.

  One of the Highlights of the "GGG" is the Ladies Cloud Tramp Mass Launch. The BOM is lifted for this event.  And the Ladies do a fine job of the launch.  2011 found the event with Co-winners each having had a OOS flight.  The Ladies pictured above (Left to right) Jean Sayer Co-winner,Miriam Morris, Carol Kane, Mary Palangiewicz, Darlene Rymer Co-winner, Pat Barlow,and Bonnie Myers

Roy Smith AKA "Aeronut" is the Contest Manager
The National Warplane Museum
Located at the Geneseo Airport
is an outstanding Free Flight
venue.  It has been suggested
that a membership to the museum
might be helpful in keep this site
open to Free Flight contests.

Link to the NWM below 



                       Sunset at Conesus Lake 
                  Just a bit East of Geneseo, NY


          List of Accommodations near Geneseo 

The Contest Director     Jim Moseley
                                  A video collection of the flyers at the 2014 Gathering. 
                   I called it
     " The Great Grape Players"


I hope you enjoy it.
     The reports are written by Roy Smith.
Roy does an excellent job of portraying
 the feel of the Great Grape Gathering.

2018 Gathering
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Contest Manager 
Roy Smith       aeronut@kos.net  

Contest Director And Event details

  Jim Moseley   jjmoseley@look.ca

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